5 rules for choosing chairs

A lot of people spend time from 7 am to 6 pm sitting in office chairs.  Comfort and ergonomics of office chair are very important things in work productivity and health maintaining. It is necessary to choose office chair properly to avoid disappointment.

Here are 5 easy rules that will help you to choose qualitative chairs.

  1. Watch under seat, what fastenings of armrests are used. Every chair must be equipped with armrests. It is necessary element that allows to relax forearm muscles. Cheaper office chairs are equipped with plastic armrests. Such armrests are usually fastened to seat with three or two screws. In more expensive models metallic armrests are used. They are continuation of chair carcass.
  2. Choose ergonomic office chairs. We spend a lot of time of our life being at office. That’s why a form of backrest must be “anatomic” and imitates your body form. In this case you won’t get tired during the day. Anatomic and ergonomic office chairs are usually made from metallic grid.
  3. Get information about material from which the chair stuffing is made. If you prefer soft chairs instead of metallic grid get more information about materials. There are a lot materials for stuffing, they are all called with a general word “foam rubber”.
  4. Pay attention to upholstery. As in the upholstery material is usually used leather, imitation leather, cloth, microfiber etc. Cloth is usually used in chairs for middle management staff and leather upholstery chairs for top management.

Prefer office chairs with qualitative swinging mechanism. In modern office chairs different swinging mechanisms are used. The most perfect and ergonomic of them is the so-called “synchromechanism”. It allows to swing backrest and seat contemporaneously and coherently.

3 Photos of the 5 rules for choosing chairs

simple-computer-chair-for-children-683x1024Comfortable computer chairOriginal orange computer chair

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