Chairs for big people

Chairs are important part of modern life furniture. But there are people with normal weight and big weight. Chairs for big people are different from others. They can withstand heavy load. Maximal acceptable load is 250 kg. Their design is different and they are adapted to the anthropological features of a man. Backrest and seat are designed for a person to feel comfortable while sitting for a long time, in order that he/she could work effectively, without problems with spine, loin and neck. The chairs of this line are incredibly secure. They can sustain loads that exceed standard ones. They have beautiful design. They are modern, comfortable and can be folded.

For example, let’s take the chair model “Bruny”. Its design is between color balance and form elegancy. Original armrests are perfectly combined with anatomic form of spine and massive headrest. All these features compose originality and advantages of “Bruny” chair. Headrest’s form helps to complete relaxation of neck. Even long time working does not cause fatigue.

Big office chair with footrest

Leather is used as the chair’s upholstery. Seat material and armrests are made of leather as well. Mechanism of incline has five steps. We are sure that this chair will bring you great comfort and relaxation.

And finally we can say that selection of chairs for big people is difficult enough. The best way in this situation is to contact to seller or consultant. They will help you in all cases.

Big office chair with footrest

10 Photos of the Chairs for big people

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