Choosing a kids computer chair

Nowadays, schoolchildren spend several hours a day at the computer. They do their homework, play and communicate with their friends. That is why the health of your kid’s back, and, consequently, their mood and fitness depend on how comfortable their computer chair is. The load capacity, the backrest adjustability, the presence of an orthopedic base and the quality of the upholstery fabric are some features worth bearing in mind when you are choosing a children’s desk chair.

How chairs for kids are different from adult models

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Why not just buy a child an adult office chair? This is a common mistake. Adult desk chairs differ in the seat size from those made for children. In addition, adult chairs are lower, which makes them less comfortable for kids and may harm their posture. If the child does not reach the backrest because of the seat width, they will slouch and lean on the armrests, which are also set too wide for kids.

Children often love chairs designed for their age for the funny pictures or patterns. But you are also advised to pay attention to the construction itself. There are several types of computer chairs for kids. A schoolchild will be more comfortable with a chair on wheels with the ability to change the height and the angle of the backrest. Some models also let you change the seat width. These features will help you adjust the chair to suit your child and provide the ultimate level of comfort.  Mind that the child’s back should be strait and the feet perpendicular to the floor.

If you wish to improve your kid’s posture, have a look at orthopedic models. They have a wider backrest to uphold the loin and to relieve the spine. An excellent way to prevent any postural disorders! Orthopedists recommend the models that feature head restraints to relieve the neck, as the special backrest shape takes the load off the backbone.

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A few more points to consider

Choosing a chair, ask about its design load capacity. Don’t buy the chair ‘for future use’: it should match the height and the weight of your child here and now. Otherwise, they will try to make themselves more comfortable by bending their legs or leaning on the armrests.  By the way, orthopedists tend to regard the armrests as an unnecessary element: if the kid is seated properly, their arms will rest on the table top. Without the armrests, the child will get used to the correct posture, and their spine muscles will grow stronger.

Choose models with breathable upholstery fabrics, like cotton and tapestry with fibers of viscose or matting. They are cozier and less likely to provoke allergies.

The chair base construction is important, as well. Most manufacturers make it of plastic. Metal models are less common. The cross radius is vital. It should be at least 530 mm. Otherwise the chair might be unstable, which is fraught with injuries for its active owner. Check whether your kid can reach all the adjustment handles of the chair with one hand while seated. All the fixing elements must be durable enough, without sharp parts that could wound your child.

8 Photos of the Choosing a kids computer chair

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