How to choose a computer chair in online store

In general, office chairs from different manufacturers are similar to each other. Basically, this is due to the fact that when a company starts producing chairs that become a sales hit, other manufacturers pick up this idea and make their own, very similar model.

An example is the “Prestige” chair. Almost every manufacturer considers it his duty to create his own version of this model. The same situation happened with many other popular models of chairs but they are worse than the original. But at the same time, the quality often worsens: the mechanism is installed cheaper, the crosspiece is replaced with plastic, cheaper upholstery is used, etc. As a result, the chair turns out to be similar to the original model and to a consumer these computer chairs seem identical.

Classic black leather computer chair by online store

So, what you need to pay attention first of all when choosing a computer chair?

Upholstery of computer chairs. It’s very simple here: expensive upholstery is better, more comfortable and more durable. Genuine leather is durable and will remain beautiful for many years. The only thing that can happen is that the seams will begin to disperse, but only after long-term operation and if the chair was purchased from an unscrupulous manufacturer. Artificial leather will serve you less time, but will be pleasant to the touch and according to other characteristics it will not be much different from natural. Fabrics used in the manufacture of chairs can be several types, ranging from simple burlap (the price is less, the quality is less, pleasant sensations are less) to multi-layered fabric.

The mechanism of the chair. Modern multi-functional mechanism can significantly increase the cost of an office chair. If you do not need the swing mode or the possibility of fixing the chair in several positions, then choose the “piastre” mechanism, it has only height adjustment. If you want to add comfort to your work, we recommend choosing a chair with a synchro-mechanism. But these chairs are quite expensive.

black computer chair by online store

Gas lift chairs. This mechanism allows you to raise or lower chairs to a certain height, an average of 10-12 cm, and fix in this position. They may vary in size: small, medium and high. Short gas lifts are mainly on the chairs of directors. These chairs usually have a volumetric seat. Therefore the height from the floor to the seat is just the right size for the average person. On all other seats is the standard gas lift mechanism.

Headrest. If your work chair has not a headrest you lose the opportunity during the day to give the necessary rest to the cervical part of your spine. Therefore, when buying a chair, pay attention to the presence of this part. In modern chairs, the headrests are either as an additional option (with the possibility of adjustments), or already built.

Wheels. Most seats are equipped with the same black plastic wheels which can scratch the floor during long use. To avoid damage to the floor, you can use special rollers with a soft insert.

Armrests. They are made of plastic on simple models and serve to connect the seat and back. Armrests on more expensive models have different lining of fabric or leather and have different adjustments: they can change the height or angle of rotation, they can be removed if necessary.

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