Main criteria of choosing and buying computer chairs

You enter the showroom and see dozens of similar chairs. What to buy? What you need to pay attention, in addition to the price? In order not to be mistaken in the choice, conduct a “test drive”!

Main choice criteria

Pink computer chair for children

Objective method. Choosing a computer chair is a delicate matter. In appearance it is difficult to distinguish models of different manufacturers from each other. Computer chairs are similar in upholstery material and the quantity of adjustments. Therefore, it is generally enough to rely on brand and stay within budget.

Subjective method.  So, you roughly imagine how much you are ready to spend on the purchase of a computer or office chair. And the manufacturers’ names are familiar to you. It remains to answer the main question: will you be comfortable in this chair? (Here we are talking only about quality models of famous factories).

Detailed check

Adjustment details of gaming chair

Test Drive. Do not be shy. Sit in different chairs and listen to your feelings. Ask the seller – how can adjust the chair to take a more comfortable position.

Does the product hold your back? The back of the chair should be in contact with your spine in the lower back. If not, can we adjust it?

Is there comfort in the legs? Feet should stand on the floor. Knees should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. A fist should be placed between the bent knee and the seat. Is there adjustable seat height if your feet do not reach the floor?

Is the chair mobile enough? Do not hesitate, move the pelvis. The chair should effortlessly move on the floor in any direction. Make sure that the type of wheels corresponds to the coating on which the chair will be used.

Are the armrests strong? Lean on them with both hands. The armrests should remain stationary and withstand the load because you have to get up and sit in a chair several times per day.

Does body not slip? Try to “slip” forward in the chair as if you are trying to hide under the table after many hours of work. Upholstery should be non-sliping and preventing such movement. Well also if the edge of the seat is bent up a little. This is a guarantee that in the afternoon you will not find yourself in a reclining position in front of the computer and will not overload the spine.

Is there an adjustment? Of course, it is better to choose an adjustable computer chair, especially if you are going to sit in it for a long time. Decide which options you need. Make sure that the seat adjusted under you can be firmly fixed – so that the back and the seat do not swing.

10 Photos of the Main criteria of choosing and buying computer chairs

White leather computer chairSimple blue computer chairPink computer chair for childrenModern computer chair for gamersFurniture for childrenComputer chair without armrests for childrenComputer chair with perforated backComputer chair like sofaBlack comfortable computer chair with wheelsAdjustment details of gaming chair

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