What a good desk chair height should be?

If you are spending most of your day sitting at the desk in an office or at home and want to minimize a negative effect of this way of life, you must ensure your desk chair height is appropriate for you. It seems easy to choose a good comfortable chair but in real life an office chair can feel comfortable until a person gets back and neck pain and additional stress.

Desk chair height ergonomic design is one of the most important factors to concentrate on when choosing a truly good chair. It’s been proved by doctors that if you spend a lot of time in the chair, desk chair height ratio differs from if were sitting for less hours. Ideal desk chair seat height is about 40 cm in the first case and close to 45 cm in the second, if you don’t sit the whole day.

office chair height extension kit

Sometimes it’s not an optimal solution to change chairs according to their height or adjusting them all the time, then a desk chair height extension is a very helpful way to minimize the problem. These extensions help to build a truly comfortable and healthy position for a person to sit.

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